Warning Signs You Need New Brakes


Drivers in the Richardson, Garland, and Addison area know that brakes are one of the most important safety features that your vehicle has. While regular maintenance appointments can help upkeep these components and prevent possible mishaps in the future, sometimes your brakes have just had enough. But how do you know when it’s time for a new set of brakes?

The team at Courtesy Nissan is here to help. Below, you’ll find the most common warning signs you need new brakes and what steps to take next to ensure your safety.

Brake Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Check Brake Light – One of the most common warnings that you need some new brakes is your brake light illuminating on your dashboard. This could mean your anti-lock brake system is malfunctioning or your whole brake system is not working properly. Get into your authorized dealer right away, so they can assess the issue.

Strange Noises – Are you hearing squealing, grinding, or other sounds when you’re trying to stop? This typically means that you need new brake pads, or in extreme cases, a whole new brake set. To make sure your pads, rotors, and calipers are in good condition, make an appointment for brake service as soon as possible.

Vibrating Steering Wheel – If your steering wheel is shaking or wobbling when you’re trying to come to a stop, there’s probably an issue with your brakes. Over time, the components in your brakes can wear down, causing their interactions to become uneven. This results in a vibrating feeling in your steering wheel. To find out exactly what the issue is, seek the help of certified professionals before the problem worsens.


Soft Brake Pedal – Noticing a spongy feeling when you’re pressing your brake pedal is a tell-tale sign it’s time for some much-needed brake service. This can be caused by air or moisture in your braking system or even a faulty master cylinder. As this can affect the way you stop, get into an authorized mechanic right away.

Burning Smell – Unusual smells in your cabin are never a good sign, and if you’re smelling something that resembles burning chemicals, your brakes could be overheating. If this happens, pull off to the side of the road safely and allow your brakes to cool with the engine off. If you choose to keep driving, you could risk boiling your brake fluid, which can cause brake failure.

Pulling to One Side – Is your vehicle pulling to one side more than the other when you’re trying to halt your vehicle? Usually, this means your brake hose is no longer working or there’s an issue with your caliper on that side of the vehicle. If you’re experiencing unbalanced stopping, schedule a brake checkup asap.

Receive Top-of-the-Line Brake Service at Courtesy Nissan

If you’re experiencing any of the above warning signs that you need new brakes while on the roads of Richardson, Garland, and Addison, don’t wait until it’s too late. Schedule a brake service appointment at our dealership’s service center and our certified technicians will make sure your brakes and vehicle are safe and road ready.