Criminally Delicious Brews at Unlawful Assembly Brewing Co

Brewery near Plano TX

Unlawful Assembly Brewing Co. works toward a simple goal: promoting the assembly of people, ingredients, and ideas.

When you visit their Plato, Texas, taproom and sample their award-winning beers, you’ll have to agree that they’re succeeding.

Read on to learn more about Unlawful Assembly—the local brewery with plenty of attitude and delicious drinks.

Where to Assemble

Beer and Games

Visit the Unlawful Assembly Brewing Co. taproom any day of the week. You’ll enjoy a pint, while surrounded by the gleaming vats and barrels where it was made. On Saturdays, you can really get to know your beer by taking the brewery tour.

Unlawful Assembly is located within Plano’s Legacy Food Hall, steps away from numerous enticing dinner options that you can bring along to the brewery. Perched atop the Hall’s third floor, Unlawful Assembly is a fun people-watching spot, with its view of the diners and box garden below.

Both the brewery and food hall have packed event calendars to keep you entertained. It’s easy to add live music, a trivia game, or a movie to your itinerary for the night.

Unlawful Assembly’s Creative Drinks

Craft Beer Flavors

As their name suggests, Unlawful Assembly Brewing Co. isn’t afraid to think outside the box. When they break the rules, it involves intriguingly unusual ingredients.

A glass of Smoke Screen will demonstrate their originality. Mesquite flour is generally associated with smoky barbeque dishes. Using it in Smoke Screen’s brewing process adds a mouth-watering savory twist to this brown ale.

The brewery imbues the spirit of their name into their beer monikers, as well as ingredients. Who wouldn’t want a glass of Blind Justice? The zesty IPA tastes as good as it sounds, layering citrus with complex hops.

Thirsty folks who prefer their beer malty will love the Black Sheep Oatmeal Stout. From color to flavor, it’s sure to remind you of your favorite dark chocolate bar.

Unlawful Assembly Brewing Co. is always innovating. With limited time releases and taproom-only drafts, you’ll find plenty of reasons to visit often. Keep up with the latest Unlawful excitement by following them on Instagram and Facebook.

Head to Unlawful Assembly Today

The time has come to gather up your happy hour crew and pay a visit to Unlawful Assembly Brewing Co.

This welcoming brewery will soon become your new favorite destination for dinners or relaxing weekends. Stop by and discover what great new beers Unlawful Assembly is brewing up today!