Squeaking Brakes: What to Do


When driving down the roads of Richardson, Garland, Plano, and Addison, hearing a strange noise exude from your vehicle is typically a sign of something gone awry. This is especially true when you hear your brakes squeak, as this sound likely means there’s an issue within your brake system. However, if you know the cause of the issue, you can get your vehicle running properly in no time.

To help you figure out why your brakes are squeaking, Courtesy Nissan has created this guide. Below, you will find possible culprits and what steps you can take next. Ensuring your brakes are working correctly is crucial to safe driving, and this article will assist you in that!

Why Are My Brakes Squeaking? Common Reasons & What to Do Next

Worn Brake Pads

Brake pads are a very important component to your braking system, as they are vital in allowing your vehicle to come to a halt when you need. Considering they’re so critical, they come with their own warning system to let you know when they’re nearing the end.

When your once-highly cushioned padding diminishes, it exposes little steel tabs called wear indicators. These then hit the rotors to let you know it’s time for new brake pads. You can easily do this by scheduling an appointment with your authorized dealer, but do so quickly, as not addressing this in a timely fashion can cause ineffective braking and further damage.

Faulty Anti-Rattle Clips

Brake pads also come equipped with clips that keep them from vibrating when you apply pressure on the brakes. However, these anti-rattle clips are known to produce a squeaking sound when there’s something wrong with them.

To stop this grating noise from happening and ensure your brakes are working as they should, head into your dealership as soon as possible; certified technicians can assess the issue and repair or replace these clips for you.

Rusted Rotors

If you are unable to keep your vehicle inside of a garage, or you live in a wetter area, your brakes are more prone to rust. Over time, moisture can seep into this system; if your rotors produce rust, you guessed it: It can cause that sound you don’t want to hear.

This happens when the rust from your rotors gets on the edge of your brake pad as it turns. If you think this may be the reason for the squeaking, reach out to an authorized service center for a replacement.

Glazed Brakes


Though not very common, there are times when your caliper in the brake system can get stuck. When this happens, it results in your brakes staying partially applied even when you aren’t using them. This continuous contact can cause too much friction and heat, which will crystallize or glaze your brakes.

When any part that is glazed over meets with another in the system, it can produce that annoying squeaking sound. It’s important to get this looked at right away, as it might reduce your braking power or cause serious issues in the whole system. A replacement of your brake pads and resurfacing of the rotors may be needed.

Stop the Squeaking Sound at Courtesy Nissan

Whether you know the reason why your brakes are squeaking or remain unsure of the culprit, the best thing you can do is get it checked out by a pro. Our dealership has a state-of-the-art service center that will not only pinpoint the problem, but fix it and get you back on the road just as quickly.

To schedule an appointment in the Richardson, Garland, Plano, and Addison areas, reach out to us today! Let’s work together to ensure your care is safe and healthy.