Should I Lease a Nissan?


When it comes to financing your next vehicle, you may be considering whether to lease a Nissan. The finance center at Courtesy Nissan wants to help you make a decision that works best for your lifestyle. Our neighbors in Richardson, Garland, Addison, and Plano can read through this breakdown on the benefits of leasing and how it applies to a Nissan vehicle. If you have any questions, contact us today.

Is Leasing the Right Option for You?

2019 Nissan Rouge

Leasing a vehicle means you’re agreeing to borrow the car from the dealership for a set period of time. Typically, lease agreements last for 24 months, but can be longer or shorter to suit your needs. When it comes to financing your next ride, the answer to whether this is the right option for you depends on your lifestyle. Leases typically come with yearly mileage restrictions, so if you’re looking for a reliable car to get you to work in style or need a safe option for your first vehicle, a lease might be best for you.

There are many other benefits to opting to lease your next vehicle. Continue reading to learn more about how a lease can complement your life.

Benefits of Leasing

  • Lower Down Payment and Monthly Payments

With a lease, you’re only responsible for depreciation of the vehicle during your lease period. Therefore, you can usually expect a lower down and monthly payment.

  • Upgrade to a Higher Trim Level

Since your monthly payments will probably be lower, you may be able to upgrade to a higher trim level with a lease. Therefore, you’ll be able to gain access to more engine options and interior amenities.

  • Lower Maintenance Costs

In addition to lower payments, expect to have fewer maintenance expenses, as well. Since leases last about 24 months on average, you’ll be behind the wheel of a newer vehicle, which usually requires less maintenance than an older vehicle. Many lease agreements also include regular services and inspections. Contact our finance center to learn more about what may be included in your contract.

  • Streamlined Return

At the end of your lease you can choose to either buy out the vehicle or return it to our dealership. If you choose the latter, conveniently bring back the vehicle and begin a lease on a new car.

Leasing a Nissan


When it comes to financing a Nissan specifically, there are many ways a lease can benefit you. With the ability to upgrade to a higher trim level, you’ll have more amenities available to you like heated front seating on the Nissan Altima or Intelligent 4X4 on the Nissan Pathfinder. Additionally, if after your lease ends you choose to begin another lease, you’ll have access to all the latest technology. With systems like Nissan ProPILOT Assist and Nissan Door to Door Navigation, Nissan is at the forefront of convenient and safe technology. Gain access to cutting edge features as they become available by choosing to lease a Nissan.

Lease a Nissan Today!

Interested in leasing a Nissan? Visit Courtesy Nissan today! A member of our sales team will help you find a vehicle best suited to you and one of our financiers will secure you a great lease rate. Our staff will provide excellent customer service along the way as well as answer any further questions you may have. Our friends in Richardson, Garland, Addison, and Plano can stop by today to get started!