Community Spotlight: Pearl Cup Coffee

Coffee Shop

What if there was a place where you could wind up for and unwind from the day? If you live in the northeastern region of Texas, you will find one such place: Pearl Cup Coffee. Here, you’ll find an inviting, unassuming atmosphere that was designed for delicious, relaxing drink consumption. Read ahead to get a taste of what’s in store for you at this modern coffee and wine café!

Coffee: What Drives You

Hot Coffee

Lately, it seems that high-quality coffee is synonymous with pretentiousness. Pearl Cup Coffee was founded to directly contradict this stereotype by creating a coffee café that promotes conversation, creativity, and comfort.

They believe that coffee should be approachable, which is why they’ve created a cozy space and a comprehensive, easy-to-digest coffee menu. Relax and sip on their signature Pearl Latte or get your day going on the right foot with a highly caffeinated cold brew.

Wine: What Moves You

Nothing hits quite like a glass of wine after a long day. Pearl Cup Coffee is a space that’s designed to make you feel good throughout the day, not just in the morning when you need a caffeine fix.

Meet your friends or colleagues in the Pearl Cup Coffee café for a glass from their extensive wine menu. Try a Malbec from Arkansas, an airy orange Chardonnay from California, or a sparkling, fruity Prosecco from Italy.

Food: What Nourishes You


Coffee and wine are both made all the better when paired with something delicious to eat. Pearl Cup Coffee offers an array of all-day baked goods, snacks, and entrees to sate your hunger. Grab a fresh muffin or pastry to go with your coffee, or sit down and stay a while with one of their many plated nibbles.

Enjoy a traditional gyro with house-made tzatziki sauce, a crispy bacon burrito, or something to share with the table. Keep things classy with a meat and cheese board of your choosing, or go with one of their loaded fry options. Choose from poutine with brown gravy and mozzarella, Greek Street loaded fries with gyro toppings, crunchy fried pickles, and more.

Sip Away at Pearl Cup Coffee!

Whether you’re craving caffeine, a smooth glass of wine, or a tasty treat, Pearl Cup Coffee has you covered. Connect with them on Facebook and Instagram for a daily dose of deliciousness on your timeline when you can’t make it in for your sip fix!