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Today, Nissan is one of the most successful and respected car companies on the planet. Still, it didn’t just get this way-it grew to be this way as a result of the hard work and dedication put into it by its employees and affiliate companies like AT&T. To show their appreciation, Nissan has created the Nissan VPP (Vehicle Purchase Program).

AT&T employees in the Richardson, Garland, Addison, and Plano areas will be excited to hear that they can take advantage of this incredible program. Below, we at Courtesy Nissan have compiled all the important information you need to know about the Nissan VPP, which offers special preferred pricing for AT&T employees when they buy a new Nissan. Read ahead to learn more!

What Is Nissan’s Vehicle Purchase Program?

2018 Nissan Vehicle Interior

The Nissan VPP is a program that was designed to provide employees of Nissan and Nissan’s affiliate companies such as AT&T with discounts on qualifying new Nissans. You qualify for this program if you are…

  • Living in the continental United States, Alaska, or Hawaii
  • A full-time direct employee of one of Nissan North America’s affiliate companies (i.e., AT&T)
  • A retiree of one of Nissan North America’s affiliate companies that receives benefits, disability, and/or early retirement
  • An immediate family member of a full-time employee or retiree of one of Nissan North America’s affiliate companies
  • An active, reserve, retiree, or veteran of the U.S. Military

If you fall into one of these categories, you qualify for Nissan VPP! This program has several different benefits, which you’ll find more information about below.

What Benefits Are Included in the Nissan VPP?

Nissan VPP, at its core, is a discount for new Nissans. However, there’s so much more to love about this program than that. When you take advantage of the Vehicle Purchase Program, you’ll receive a number of benefits, including…

  • Pricing below the MSRP on any new Nissan vehicle
  • All current Nissan rebates and specials on top of the VPP discount
  • A Personal VPP Specialist to help you through the buying process
  • A pre-negotiated price for an enjoyable, hassle-free experience

As you can see, Nissan VPP is a program you don’t want to miss out on. One thing to keep in mind, though, is there are a few models that don’t qualify for this discount, including Versa 1.6 models, GT-R, G Sedan Limited, Sport Appearance Edition models, IPL G Coupe and Convertible Limited Edition models, and Nissan LEAF models.

How Do I Take Advantage of This Program?

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Taking advantage of Nissan VPP as a qualifying AT&T employee is easy. All you have to do is follow these three easy steps:

  1. Have the following information in front of you before moving onto step two:
    • Your address
    • Your telephone number
    • The name of the company you work for
    • Your employee number (if applicable)
    • Your social security number
    • The new Nissan model you want to buy
  2. Call the Vehicle Purchase Program claims administrator for AT&T to obtain your VPP claim number.
  3. Visit a Nissan dealership near you such as Courtesy Nissan with your VPP claim number, company name, and two forms of identification in hand. One form of ID should be your Driver’s License and the other can be a paycheck stub from the last 30 days, a business card featuring your name and the name of your company, or a security ID badge with your name and photo.

Still Have Questions?

We at Courtesy Nissan are thrilled to offer the Nissan VPP preferred pricing for AT&T employees to our customers in Richardson, Garland, Addison, and Plano. If you still have questions about the program or want to get the ball rolling on buying your next new Nissan, give us a call today!

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