Nissan TITAN vs Dodge Ram 1500 Comparison

Nissan TITAN vs Dodge Ram 1500

If you find yourself in Richardson, Garland, Addison, or Plano, looking for a dependable pickup truck, the Nissan TITAN and the Dodge Ram 1500 are two that are definitely worth checking out. Each of them offers a wide array of attributes that benefit any drive.

Courtesy Nissan has compiled this Nissan TITAN vs Dodge Ram 1500 comparison to make it easier for you to decide which one has the kind of things you need to get the job done. Read on to learn more.

Nissan TITAN vs Dodge Ram 1500: Interior Dimensions

2019 Nissan Titan Interior

Comfort inside the cabin is bound to be one of the major determining factors when hunting down your next pickup. While both trucks supply their occupants with a lot of wiggle room, the Nissan TITAN takes it a step further.

Its interior passenger volume comes to 119.7 cubic feet and both rows of seating are quite spacious. For instance, the front row allows you and one of your passengers to make use of 41 inches of headroom and 41.8 inches of legroom. The folks in the back seats are sure to find things just as accommodating. The headroom back there is 40.4 inches, and the legroom comes to 38.5 inches.

The Ram 1500 is not as obliging. Its passenger interior volume only comes to 117.2 cubic feet, and the individual measurements contained within its two rows of seats also fall short of those found inside the Nissan TITAN. The front row headroom and legroom of the 1500 both come out to be 40.9 inches. The headroom and legroom measurements in the back row are 39.2 inches and 35.6 inches, respectively.

An Emphasis on Convenience

Along with all that potential for comfort, the Nissan TITAN is designed to increase the amount of convenience its occupants experience as well. One of the features that make it such a standout in this area is the Auto-Dimming Outside Mirror that’s available on the driver’s side. It helps you out whenever vehicles approach from behind by preventing their headlights from becoming a distraction. This is not something you’ll find in the Ram 1500.

The Nissan TITAN is also available with Rain-Sensing Wipers that provide you with improved visibility and allow you to focus on the road whenever the weather starts to act up. These are also not available in the 1500. Another element of convenience exclusive to the Nissan TITAN is the Remote Engine Start System with Intelligent Climate Control. This available feature enables you to ensure that the engine is warmed up and ready to get on the road when you are, and the temperature inside the cabin is where you like it.

Nissan TITAN vs Dodge Ram 1500 Comparison: Which Will You Choose?

As this comparison shows, the Nissan TITAN proves itself to be the better choice. If you’re ready to get a closer look at what the Nissan TITAN can do for your regular drives around Richardson, Garland, Addison, Plano, and beyond, contact Courtesy Nissan today to schedule a test drive.

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