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Is a fully capable sedan just what you’re looking for to take your daily commutes near Richardson, Garland, Addison, and Plano to the next level? Courtesy Nissan would like to introduce you to the various benefits provided by the Nissan Altima.

We’ll be covering what it can do within the categories of interior comfort, performance, and safety. Continue reading to begin exploring the possibilities.

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Nissan Altima: A Roomy Cabin

Nissan Altima Interior

One of the first things you and your passengers are sure to notice when you get inside this sedan is its spaciousness. This is the case whether you’re carpooling to work or taking your kids to school. To bring this point home, we’ll take a look at its measurements for headroom, shoulder room, hip room, and legroom.

In the front row, you can expect to find 39.2 inches of headroom, 58.2 inches of shoulder room, 54.7 inches of hip room, and 43.8 inches of legroom. The second row offers just as much comfort with 36.9 inches of headroom, 57.1 inches of shoulder room, 54.5 inches of hip room, and 35.2 inches of legroom.

Engine Specs

Nissan Altima Engine

Whether you’re running errands, heading out to a dinner and a movie for this week’s date night, or taking a road trip, the Nissan Altima has you covered when it comes to its performance capabilities. This is due to the fact that it supplies you with a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine under the hood that can produce as much as 188 horsepower with 180 lb-ft of torque.  

Nissan Altima: A Look at Safety

Nissan Altima Safety

The Altima offers a comprehensive array of safety features in order to make sure everyone you’ve got on board with you is secure from start to finish. The available Blind Spot Warning feature certainly proves itself to be one of the highlights in this area by alerting you whenever a vehicle is occupying one of your blind spots. This action makes it easier for you to change lanes with increased confidence.

The Rear Cross Traffic Alert is also available. This one comes in handy whenever you find yourself having to back in or out of a parking spot by letting you know when vehicles are coming your way. The available Rear Automatic Braking provides you with even more support here by applying the brakes for you in the event you’re unable to react in time.

Finally, there’s the Auto-Dimming Inside Rearview Mirror. This available feature sees to it that bright headlights from vehicles that approach you from behind won’t distract you or even temporarily blind you.

Take the Nissan Altima for a Spin Today

Because of its comfortable interior, proficient engine capacity, and reassuring safety features, the Nissan Altima is tailor made to make a real difference out on those Richardson, Garland, Addison, and Plano area roadways.

To get a closer look at these and other impressive Nissan Altima features, simply contact us here at Courtesy Nissan. A member of our team will be able to get you scheduled for your test drive.

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