Community Spotlight: Lockwood Distilling Co.


Whether you’re planning a fun night out, quick lunch, date night, or anything in between, Lockwood Distilling Co. is the place to go. If their extensive food and drink menu isn’t enough to draw you in, their community centric ideas and welcoming vibe will invite you to stay a while.


From its foundation to today, Lockwood Distilling Co. has put their love for their community at the forefront of their every action. They have created a place for friends and neighbors to gather and enjoy good food, drinks, and company.

They make an effort to source most of their ingredients from local suppliers and offer a variety of cocktails, wine, sandwiches, small plates, and even ice cream. With a menu full of amazing food and spirits created in house, it’s no wonder this has become such a favorite spot.

Drink Menu

Since all of their spirits are created in house, you can expect a variety of drinks to choose from. Of course, they have favorites like Whiskey, Vodka, and Rum, but they put their own unique twist on each classic, to make everything taste fresh and exciting.

Check out the Straight Bourbon Whiskey with its dark red color and hints of oak, brown sugar, and more, for a truly Texas drink. Or spice up your next Moscow Mule with the Hibiscus Flavored Vodka.

The Bourbon Cream Liqueur makes for a wonderful addition to a milkshake or cup of coffee. Though, you could also just take it straight to fully appreciate the flavors of vanilla, almond, Texas pecan, and Lockwood Bourbon.

Even if you think you don’t like rum, give Lockwood’s rum selection a try. The classic Silver Rum has a welcoming flavor of warm brown sugar and hints of fruits like melon and mango. If you like a fruit and rum combo, you might enjoy the Pineapple Flavored Rum, which could make an amazing daiquiri.

Grab a Bite

To pair with your drink, Lockwood also has a wide food menu with most items made from locally sourced ingredients.

Are you just looking for something small to pick at while you enjoy your drinks? The appetizer menu has excellent choices like the classic Grazing Board. This will give you house made cottage ham along with a selection of other meats, several types of local cheese, and tomato jam with toast points.

Also, the sharp cheddar, smoked pecans, and roasted poblano peppers of the Poblano Pimento Cheese is enough to make anyone’s mouth water.

Stick around for dinner and try the House Burger made with Texas Kobe beef. Or try something different like the Dinner Shrimp and Grits, which comes with South Carolina cheese grits, Tasso ham, and gulf shrimp.

With their online order to-go and delivery options, Lockwood will supply you with good drinks and food, whether you are headed out for the night or want a quiet night in.

Visit Lockwood Distilling Co.

For a great night with great food and drinks, Lockwood Distilling Co. has everything you need and more. To stay connected and find out when they are having live music, check out their Facebook page.


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