How Long Do Brakes Last?

 Brake Service near Richardson,TX

Knowing when to get new brakes is essential to driving safely on the Richardson, Garland, and Addison area roads. However, since every vehicle is made differently, and everyone doesn’t have the same driving habits, it can be hard to pinpoint when is a good time to change your brakes. This is where your sharp senses come in.

To help you figure out how long brakes last, warning signs that you need new brakes, and the steps to take after there is a possible issue, Courtesy Nissan is here to help. Keep reading below to find out if it’s time to schedule some brake service in your future

Warning Signs You Need New Brakes

Vehicle Skidding

Just like most things in life, parts of your brakes will wear down after strenuous use over time. This is perfectly normal and typically, there are ways to fix these issues and even prevent them from happening quickly.

Let’s take a look at some of the warning signs your car will tell you, when something is malfunctioning in your brake system:

Your Brakes Aren’t as Responsive – Does the pedal sink down toward the floor when trying to stop? Are your brakes not working as quickly as usual? These could be signs that there is a leak in your braking system. Whether it’s a water or fluid leak (you might see a puddle of oil-like substance under your vehicle when parked), it’s important to get into an authorized dealer quickly to resolve the issue.

Your Vehicle Is Pulling to One Side – If, when you’re braking, your car is moving more to one side, there is a chance that your brake linings are wearing unevenly. This problem can be fixed by a professional by installing new brakes, getting an adjustment, or draining the fluid.

There Is a Grinding Noise When Braking – Metal touching metal can produce an annoying grinding sound, which is never a good sign, especially when you’re trying to stop. This can be the result of worn-down brake pads or damaged rotors. Since both components are vital to your braking system, getting them replaced at an official service center as soon as possible is very important.

Your Vehicle Is Vibrating When Using Your Brakes – If your brake pedal is pulsating when trying to come to a halt, it could be because of warped brake rotors. Because this has to do with your anti-lock braking system, you should schedule brake service quickly.

The Importance of Brake Maintenance

Brake Maintenance

Every vehicle needs regular maintenance to ensure it’s safe to drive. Along with proper oil changes and tire rotation, having your brakes checked when scheduling the above is a great idea. This will not only keep your vehicle running smoothly, but it could also save loads of cash down the line, not needing to repair or replace your brakes as often.

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