Richardson’s 3 Best Golf Courses

3 Best Golf Courses near Richardson, TX

There’s nothing better on a warm day than playing a round of golf. Next time you’re itching to get out on the green, check out one of the Richardson’s three best golf courses. Below, you’ll find more information about Firewheel Golf Park, Pecan Hollow, and Waterview Golf Club.

Firewheel Golf Park | Find Them on Facebook

With three unique nines and a whopping 63 total holes, Firewheel Golf Park offers something for everyone, from the avid golfer to the novice player. This golf park consists of thousands and thousands of scenic yards to be explored and played on.

After you’ve spent the day out on the green, stop by one of the Firewheel Golf Park’s three delicious dining options. Replenish after a long but fun day at the Branding Iron Restaurant or Grill 64 at the Old & Lakes Clubhouse.

3 Best Golf Courses near Richardson, TX

Pecan Hollow Golf Course was established in 1973 after legendary architect Don January meticulously designed the course to be like any other. No matter what level of golfer you are, you can challenge yourself on the 7,000+ yards of championship greens this golf course has to offer.

Don’t have time for a whole round but still want to get some practice in? Stop by Pecan Hollow and drive a few balls at their newly expanded driving range or play their 5-hole short course. Go day or night, whenever it fits your schedule, with their new driving range lights.

Waterview Golf Club | Keep Up with Them on Twitter

Waterview Golf Club is situated in some of the most picturesque land offered in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The founders of this golf course took an expansive amount of pastureland and transformed it into a championship golf course featuring 15 acres of lakes and 1,500 trees.

Even if you’re just getting into golf, Waterview Golf Club is the place to be. Take part in their celebrated golf teaching program and perfect your technique under Carlos Brown, also known as one of the “Top 40 Best Young Teachers Under 40 in America” according to Golf Digest.

Happy Golfing!

Enjoy your next round at Firewheel Golf Park, Pecan Hollow, and Waterview Golf Club!