Happy Hour Richardson TX

Happy Hour

Finding the right spot for happy hour can make or break the rest of your day – maybe even the rest of your week. That’s why we’ve created this guide to the best spots for happy hour around Richardson, TX.

Café Gecko

Café Gecko offers the type of friendly, inviting atmosphere that you simply can’t find at most bars these days. In fact, on their site, you’ll even find an open letter from their crew – Ted, Gretchen, and Heather – that explains exactly why they do what they do, and why they do it in Richardson. You should check it out!

You should also check out some of their craft and local brews, which include Community Beer Company, Lone Star Beer, Bishop Cider Co., Lakewood Brewing Co., Deep Ellum Brewing Company, and many more.

You can also log onto their Instagram to see some pictures of Texas folk having the times of their lives…

Northside Drafthouse Logo

Northside Drafthouse

At Northside Drafthouse, happy hour runs from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Oops…guess they should’ve named it ‘happy five hours.’ And, with 50 beers on tap, five hours might not be enough…

However, just because they’ve got so many options doesn’t mean that you need to drink the entire time. You can take a break whenever to enjoy a game of pool, a round of darts, or even a bite from their kitchen. They serve all of the classic fares, like pizzas, burgers, BLTs, and fries, plus brunch on Sundays from 11-3.

Their Facebook page is one of the best places to connect with them and learn what you’re in store for.

Shady’s Burgers & Brewhaha

Happy Hour

This is the joint that prides themselves on dishing out “a Texas-sized selection of liquors and local brews.” Besides happy hour, one of the best times every week to experience all of these liquors and brews for yourself is on Thursday nights – that’s because live music from local bands and artists fills the entire bar.

Let’s say that you have a blast with your friends, and you want to get one of them a Shady’s Burgers and Brewhaha gift card for their birthday. That’s easier done than said – just go on their website, click on the gift cards tab, and order ’til your heart’s content. Then, turn around and post all about it on social media.

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Once happy hour comes and goes, it might be time to find a new spot to enjoy the rest of your evening. Perhaps that’s another bar or a restaurant just down the street…either way, discover it on our website.