Best Bakeries in Richardson, TX

Tasty Baked Goods

Looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth in the Richardson area? You have three great choices! Below, you’ll find more information about the three best bakeries in the areas. Read ahead to learn more about what Amazeballs, M2M Bakery, and Reverie Bakeshop are cooking up for you!

Amazeballz | Keep Up with Them on Facebook

Yummy Cakes

At Amazeballz, they’re all about bite size deliciousness. This cake ball shop serves up a rotating and varied menu of 30 delicious cake flavors including everything from banana pudding to red velvet Oreo to wedding cake… and these are just the flavors that are friendly for the whole family.

Amazeballz keeps on amazing customers with their boozeballz. These alcohol-infused cake balls pair your favorite cake flavors with a little shot of something extra. Adults can enjoy Kahlua Brownie, Pumpkin Spice with Whipped Vodka, and even Pina Colada with Coconut Vodka cake balls.

M2M Bakery | Tweet at Them on Twitter

M2M Bakery was first founded after owner and baker Mai made a taro cake for a colleague. More than ten years later, Mia has perfected her baking craft and people are still scarfing down this tasty traditional cake from her homeland of Bangkok.

This light, fluffy, and scrumptious cake is made from the freshest eggs available, real butter, and fresh taro, a vegetable native to China. Mai bakes a wide variety of taro cakes including taro coconut cake and beautifully decorated taro cupcakes, as well as traditional American-inspired cakes such as Strawberry Shortcake, Red Velvet, and more.

Reverie Bakeshop | Follow Them on Instagram

Best Bakery Sweets

Reverie Bakeshop was founded on compassion – compassion for the planet, compassion for animals, and compassion for our health. That’s why each and everything they create is vegan. They even offer gluten-free vegan options to ensure that everyone can enjoy.

This all-inclusive bakery offers just about every sweet treat under the sun from cinnamon rolls to whole pecan and chocolate cream pies to peanut butter cups. You can even grab a freshly made vegan rice crispy treat made from vegan marshmallows and gluten-free brown rice cereal.

Enjoy Your Sweet Treat!

Enjoy chowing down on something sweet from Amazeballz, M2M Bakery, and Reverie Bakeshop!